Spring, the Best Time for Roof Replacement

Why is spring the best time for roof repair and replacement? Roof replacement in the spring gives your roof all summer to seal. One of the best and least expensive roofing materials is the asphalt shingle.

Asphalt shingles have a strip of tar on the underside. Although the shingles get nailed down, that strip of tar needs to seal. The summer’s sun will warm the shingles and seal them in place so that once winter comes, the snow and ice will not get under the shingles.

Some old-timers will argue that fall or autumn is the best time to replace a roof, but that is generally not true. The summer’s hot weather is over, there is less chance for the asphalt to seal. You could still replace a roof in summer, but the heat and humidity will limit the number of hours workers will be able to stay on the roof. Most will start early in the morning and stop before noon.

Unless it is an emergency, you should not get your roof replaced in the winter. Ice and snow will make it nearly impossible to get much work done on the roof in the winter. Even when the workers can get the repairs done, the shingles won’t seal properly, and roof sealants won’t ooze down into the cracks to produce a tight seal.

Roof Repairs

If there are already signs of a roof leak, you should get it repaired right away. Many roofers will offer an emergency patch during the winter until the weather warms up, when they can do a full replacement if necessary. But just because there is a leak, it doesn’t mean that the roof needs to get replaced. The rain could be coming in around the flashing.

Winters can be particularly brutal on roofs in the north. You’ve probably seen gutters that look like ice dams, right? When that happens, the thawing and freezing of ice will often push the ice dam under the shingles and damage the flashing, which could start a leak.

Melting snow and ice around the chimney could puddle and seep down into the attic. You might not even see the water damage on a ceiling until it gets really severe because the insulation will absorb much of the water.

Multiple Layers of Asphalt Shingles

Never let a roofing contractor talk you into putting a third layer of asphalt shingles on your roof. They might claim that it offers more insulation, there is less chance of a leak, or it’s the least expensive method. After two layers, the roofing should get stripped off before adding another layer.

Whereas those statements might be true, generally all another layer of shingles will add is more weight, and the likelihood that a buyer won’t be able to get a guaranteed loan from Veterans Affairs (VA).

Although tearing off the old roofing and replacing it is much more expensive, it must get done. One thing you don’t want to do is limit the type of loan someone can get to buy your house.

When doing a complete ripoff and replacement, plan on getting a dumpster to put all the waste in so that it doesn’t fly all over the neighborhood. You might be able to get a port-a-potty from the same rental company and save yourself from opening your home to the workers. You probably don’t want traffic coming and going. Particularly a roofing crew that notoriously has asphalt on their shoes.

When Should You Call a San Antonio TX Roofing Company?

You should consider a roof repair or replacement as soon as you discover problems. Be proactive to avoid the pain and inconvenience of expensive interior design repair.

Many roofing companies will come out to do an estimate whenever you call. They should give you a no-obligation, free estimate. Some will ask for a down payment for materials from several customers. Then, they’ll wait for warmer weather to begin the project. That should not be a concern as long as you both agree on a start date.

Never give any roofing contractor more than a ten percent down payment. Companies that pay their bills and do as their required can get roofing materials on credit. Some unscrupulous roofers will collect a substantial down payment and then never come back to do the work.

 Although a roof replacement can be a substantial expenditure, so too is it a meaningful investment for your home. It will minimize the likelihood of leaks and water damage to your home, which will give you peace of mind.